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The residential locksmith services offered at Edmonds Locksmith locksmiths, are exclusive and include a free consultation and evaluation. At Edmonds Locksmith our team of savvy residential locksmiths are the most qualified you could find in Edmonds, offering a professional, mess-free delivery with minimal interference. We would be pleased to adhere to all your lock and key needs and will provide the upmost service at anytime, day or night, including a 24 Hour service. 24 hours a day for a free evaluation (425) 295-2969.

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Guard your loved ones and your possessions with the help of a_ Edmonds locksmith. A skilled locksmith with an updated knowledge will show you all the types of security you will need, including safe and cctvs. A_ Edmonds locksmith may also advise with day to day issues like creating a duplicate key, setting up an extra alarm or fixing a stuck key from a lock.

When you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as replacing residential safety systems and CCTV, Edmonds Locksmith has locks and safety products from leading brand names, such as Codelocks, Weslock, Mintcraft, Weiser, Simplex, and Ultra Hardware as well as from almost any other brand names in the US.

Never will you get an answering service or a recording when calling a_ Edmonds locksmith : (425) 295-2969.

Home safety suggestions

  • Add a security system
  • Consider installing a security system
  • Install a security system

Over the years, the amount of available options of alarm systems and cctvs has amplified,so much so, we could think the market is saturated. The locksmith market does indeed offer a multitude of varied brands and systems to choose from, but fear not - we can provide the right solution for you!

At Edmonds Locksmith our licensed specialists will provide you with the top and most recommended systems that come with a lengthy warranty. Our local Edmonds team of residential locksmiths, are trained to advise regarding a large number of systems and are happy to provide you with those that most suit your needs.